Editorial: Tupac On The LA Riots (Video); The 20th Anniversary of a Sociopolitical Outcry

Photo: April 30, 1992: A fire department crew sprays water on a burning mini-mall in south Los Angeles after a night of rioting. (Mike Nelson/AFP/Getty Images)

Tupac speaks on the LA Riots in the rare footage after the jump.

On the 20th anniversary, the nation and Los Angeles remembers the sociopolitical outcry spawned from the Rodney King verdict. Many rappers affected by the LA Riots show cultural allegiance through the medium of Hip Hop.

In an interview with LAWeekly, THURZ (formerly of U-N-I) recalls his meeting with the L.A. Riots:

Photo: THURZ. Mimicry of Rodney King

I was driving from my grandmother’s house. She lives on 55th and Central and we were coming west off of Slauson, passing Normandie. And when we reached that intersection, on the southeast corner was a line of police in riot gear with guns and looking crazy. On the opposite side of the street were a lot of angry people from the community. And I saw some news vans and all that. I was like six or seven, and I just remember people walking in the street and it was kinda hard to drive through.

Somebody was throwing something and almost hit my mom’s car. But we made it through. You know, we get home and we looking at the news. And we’re seeing a lot of pandemonium in the city. And you start hearing about buildings burning and you see footage of it all on TV.

Now 20 years later, the infamous year of 1992 reaches a greater span in the documentary, UPRISING: Hip Hop and the LA Riots, airing via VH1 tomorrow. View the trailer  here.

5 thoughts on “Editorial: Tupac On The LA Riots (Video); The 20th Anniversary of a Sociopolitical Outcry

  1. One of the greatest pieces of history I know, thank you for sharing.
    …#Uprising…Tupac on LA Riots, The 20th Anniversary of a Sociopolitical Outcry


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