Editorial: The Lower Class Raises Texas, New Music “The Sound In Soul” @welowerclass

I’ve never been to San Marcos, TX but I wouldn’t expect any city in Texas to sound like this. I’m definitely going to keep an ear out for The Lower Class.

The Lower Class is an alternative hip hop trio formed in San Marcos, composed of Josh Tatum (Pliny Science), Anthony Torres (imaGenius), Xavier Palin (Kartune). They are known for their humorous lyrics, layered references, and unconventional style. Each member brings their own approach to rapping that blend together seamlessly. [thelowerclass]

Two emcees and a producer. The group aesthetic mold of Run DMC? Maybe a stretch, but these southern gents have a sophisticated approach and knowledge of the culture which is evident in their lyrical salute, “Just wanted to grow towards the idols that we know ’cause their sound is in the soul.” Also, the Jazz sound raises the bar blending staccato raps which retains a “hook ’em horn” state. Check out Flight of Ideas here and their latest track below.


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