One thought on “Video: Jhene Aiko Performs 2Pac’s “Keep Ya Head Up”

  1. Every Number One song ever written is only made up from bits from other songs.There is no lost chord. No cengahs untried. No extra notes to thescale or hidden beats to the bar. There is no point in searching fororiginality. In the past, most writers of songs spent months in theirlonely rooms strumming their guitars or bands in rehearsals haveground their way through endless riffs before arriving at the songthat takes them to the very top. Of course, most of them would bemortally upset to be told that all they were doing was leaving it tochance before they stumbled across the tried and tested. They have tobelieve it is through this sojourn they arrive at the grail; the greatand original song that the world will be unable to resist.So why don’t all songs sound the same? Why are some artists great,write dozens of classics that move you to tears, say it like it’snever been said before, make you laugh, dance, blow your mind, fall inlove, take to the streets and riot? Well, it’s because although thechords, notes, harmonies, beats and words have all been used beforetheir own soul shines through; their personality demands attention.This doesn’t just come via the great vocalist or virtuosoinstrumentalist. The Techno sound of Detroit, the most totally linearprogrammed music ever, lacking any human musicianship in its executionreeks of sweat, sex and desire. The creators of that music just pressa few buttons and out comes a million years of pain and lust.We await the day with relish that somebody dares to make a dancerecord that consists of nothing more than an electronically programmedbass drum beat that continues playing the fours monotonously for eightminutes. Then, when somebody else brings one out using exactly thesame bass drum sound and at the same beats per minute (B.P.M.), wewill all be able to tell which is the best, which inspires thedancefloor to fill the fastest, which has the most sex and the most soul.There is no doubt, one will be better than the other. What we arebasically saying is, if you have anything in you, anything unique,what others might term as originality, it will come through whateverthe component parts used in your future Number One are made up from.Creators of music who desperately search originality usually end upwith music that has none because no room for their spirit has beenleft to get through. The complete history of the blues is based on onechord structure, hundreds of thousands of songs using the same threebasic chords in the same pattern. Through this seemingly rigid formulahas come some of the twentieth century’s greatest music. The KLF 1988


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