Book Reviews: The Hip Hop Wars – Tricia Rose

Tricia Rose begins, The Hip Hop Wars with the sentence, “HIP HOP IS IN A TERRIBLE CRISIS”…

Rose gives a thirteen chapter analysis on “Hip Hop Critics” and “Hip Hop Defenders.” The opening argument explores the criticism that Hip Hop glorifies violence. Tricia uncovers the inferences born in the mid-1990s by N.W.A, who released a “dedication” to the LA Police Department titled, “*uck the Police.” In contrast a Hip Hop heavy hitter states:

“I honestly feel it’s a lot more important things [to worry about], if you want to fix America, you have to start at George Bush and work your way down– you can’t start at hip hop and work your way up.”

-T.I., in an MTV interview,, April 23, 2007

T.I. and other “Hip Hop Defenders” suggest there are more important things to discuss other than the sexism or violence in some rap music.

What do you think?

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